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HGH Product Packages – Quantity Price / IU Min Order Total Cost
Nordiflex Pen
2 x 10mg/30 IU Kit– 60 IU15.60
2 Pens
Nordiflex Pen
3 x 10mg/30 IU Kit– 90 IU
3 Pens
Nordiflex Pen
4 x 10mg/30 IU Kit–120 IU
4 Pens
Nordiflex Pen
2 x 15mg/45 IU Kit – 90 IU
2 Pens
Nordiflex Pen
3 x 15mg/45 IU Kit – 135 IU
3 Pens
Nordiflex Pen
5 x 15mg/45 IU Kit – 225 IU
5 Pens

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How to use the Norditropin® NordiFlex® Pen Injector?

Norditropin® NordiFlex® Pens available at Buy Injectable HGH are extremely easy to use. HGH pens are only available with a doctor's prescription. Thanks to its thinnest needle available, the pens are effective in men, women, and even children. The best part about buying the pens is that they come preloaded and prefilled. Once you purchase NordiFlex® pens, you can keep the medicine outside at room temperature for 21 days. The advantage of using the pen is that you don't have to worry about refilling it, changing batteries, or changing cartridges. All you need to do is take care of a pen, a pen cap, and a few needles. 


What Happens in the Case of a Norditropin® Overdose?

Older adults experience intense side effects as compared to younger ones. Long-term overdose may cause excessive growth. Here is the list of side effects in the event of a Norditropin® overdose:

  • High cholesterol level 
  • Growth of cancerous tumor 
  • Tingling and numb skin
  • Low blood sugar
  • Enlarged heart
  • Mood changes, withdrawal, and dependency 
  • Increased risk of diabetes and heart disease 
  • Arm or leg swelling due to fluid retention 
  • Increased hunger
  • Headache or drowsiness 
  • Weakness or dizziness 
  • Nausea or fast heartbeat 

Long-term use of Norditropin® can lead to severe health concerns. Always contact your doctor before using Norditropin®. 


What are the potential side effects of Norditropin®?

Like other treatments or therapy, Norditropin® shows a few side effects. In most cases, the side effects happen due to inappropriate medicine usage. A few common side effects of the wrong dose of medicine include headache, tired feeling, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, muscle pain, joint stiffness or pain, and pain in your arms or legs. 


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