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Is Growth Hormone the Next Generation?

Here is a chart that’s shows where your normal IGF-1 levels should be for your age group.

Age Range For Male (ng/ml) For Female (ng/ml)
3 months – 4 years 27 – 258 27 – 258
5 – 8 years 98 – 474 98 – 474
9 – 11 years 115 – 563 119 – 778
12 – 16 years 208 – 955 263 – 1086
17 – 25 years 183 – 785 183 – 785
26 – 38 years 116 – 491 116 – 491
39 – 55 years 92 – 367 92 – 367
> 56 years 74 – 293 74 – 293

IGF-1 and GHRH Hormones?

We all know by now, that growth hormone is only the beginning and can be used to reverse the aging process, and help us grow young again. There are 2 other hormones that have an equal, if not greater benefit for treatment of aging and all age related diseases. These 2 hormones are GHRH and IGF-1, and these hormones might be called the before and after since GHRH precedes the release of growth hormone and the IGF-1 hormone would follow it. Also under development are specific growth factors that are being used in the healing of everything from wounds to neurodegenerative diseases. These are the true wonder drugs (secretagogues) of the future, they are powerful, cheap, oral drugs that promise to release growth hormone better than even injections of HGH. They will put age reversal within reach for every one of us.

How does GHRH Work?

GHRH is the spigot that turns on growth hormone in the body, so it stands to reason that it may be the most natural method for increasing the GH levels in older people that have low GH levels to begin with. But for the moment it is used mostly for research purposes. One researcher injected himself for 6 months twice a week, and had this to say about GHRH. It is remarkable in it’s ability to stimulate your own growth hormone production. You can see the change in musculature in adipose tissue within 3-5 days. The muscle definition increases dramatically and the fatty tissue is reduced, and the fat just seems to burn away. It gives you increases energy and strength in the gym and simply amazing. It makes you feel like a teenager again, and am probably one of the youngest looking 46 year old business man around. Whern he stopped using GHRH for 4 months he still retained about 70% of the benefits. Some people respond better than others, and sometimes it just simply does not work for everyone if you do not have good growth hormone production. This stuff is probably as potent as anything there is on the market today.

How Glucose Metabolism is improved with IGF-1

As the name indicates, IGF-12 has similar properties to insulin, and it has improved blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes patients. High doses of growth hormone have been shown to increase insulin resistance, but IGF-1 administration actually normalized the insulin resistance in a group of healthy volunteers. They were looking at several different things, the effect of IGF-1 on protein metabolism, it’s ability to stop the protein wasting caused by glucocorticosteroid drugs like prednisone, and it’s effects on insulin and glucose metabolism. This same study found that if they gave 100 micrograms of IGF-1 per kg of body weight given twice daily enhanced the body’s protein metabolism in the same way as HGH did.

Like GH it markedly decreased the protein break down in the volunteers who were taking prednisone. But as growth hormone in an earlier study caused carbohydrate intolerance and insulin resistance when given in combination with prednisone. IGF-1 did not cause these diabetes like effects. Instead those subjects who received IGF-1 along with prednisone had normal glucose metabolism. This was remarkable , say the researchers, in light of the fact that glucocorticoids are know to suppress circulating insulin and decrease insulin sensitivity. As a result of this and previous studies, the researchers believe that IGF-1 offers promise in the treatment of catabolic states, such as patients who require IV feeding after surgery.

The Body Builders Dream Body

But IGF-1 is at where HGH was a few years ago, and physicians are still trying to determine the proper dosages, control any side effects, and find out how it should be cycled, that is when people should go on and off the drug. Body builders have already jumped on the IGF-12 bandwagon. A number of world class body builders are using IGF-1 to build up to 20 pounds more muscle than than conventional methods. They tout it as possibly the most potent body building drug ever. These body builders are making claims that the IGF-1 is lowering body fat by up to 5% in one month, and a huge increase in strength are incredible. Saying that it is the most wonderful stuff in the world. Studies are now being conducted on AIDS patients that were given up to one hundred times the amount that body builders were using, and seeing very little anabolic effects. This all makes you wonder about the so called results these body builders were getting, especially at doses of between 20-100 mcg per day. It is not clear whether stacking the hormones, that is using growth hormone and IGF-1 together for example, will have a synergistic effect.