What is the best Injectable HGH injections to buy online

When we talk about buying injectable HGH injections it’s for hormone replacement therapy or HRT for short.  If you have done your research on Injectable HGH and you want to buy Injectable HGH injections, you probably already know that it is not possible to get any results by taking it in the so-called tablet form, or by swallowing it by taking drops or as a nasal spray.

These Injectable HGH injections are most effective when taken through intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. Now the question is why should people take injectable HGH injections?  Everyone as they get older towards the age of thirty and up, feels the deficiency of  the natural Human growth hormone that the human body produces in the pituitary gland. In layman’s terms this means that your IGF-1 (HGH) levels decline as you get older and that is the reason why we age.

So when we buy injectable HGH injections we are trying to bring our IGF-1 levels up to where they were when we were in our twenties, and there by reverse the ageing process. When I talk about ageing I am talking about wrinkles, hair loss, muscle shrinkage, lower bone density, loss if skin elasticity, loss of energy levels, etc. 

When you have low IGF-1 levels of human growth hormone, it will also decrease your physical mobility which means that you lose your flexibility as well. It will also reduce your healing ability, because Injectable HGH is wholly responsible for generating new cells when they die off. So you need to order and buy injectable HGH injections to stop the ageing process which begins in all the cells in the human body.

Our best selling Injectable HGH is the Norditropin pens that are manufactured by Novo Nordisk out of Denmark. These pens come in 3 sizes, which are the 5 mg, 10 mg, and 15 mg, but we mostly carry the 10 mg/30 IU pens as it’s the most convenient size for most people. The ratio for milligram to IU’s is very easy, it’s always A 1:3 ratio, which means that a 10 mg pen has 30 IU’s in total, a 15 mg pen has 45 IU’s etc. The dial on the body of these pens is in mg, so if you wanted lets say to inject 2 IU then you would set that dial to 0.70 mg, which technically gives you 2.1 IU’s per injection. These pens are pre-mixed at the factory in Denmark and brought into Mexico and that’s why the packaging is in Spanish.

This is why we are able to offer cheap Norditropin pens when you compare our prices to buying directly right from any pharmacy in the USA. Why is any OTC drug so expensive in the USA in comparison to any other country in the world? I cannot answer that question for you, but I can tell you that it’s always about money and profits. 

If you go to our website which is buyinjectablehgh.com, you will see that our prices on the Norditropin pens are not only cheap but very reasonable as well. By the way this is the only Injectable HGH product is the only Injectable HGH  that we supply the small needles that screw on the end of these pens that are included with each delivery.