Top 6 Injectable HGH Brands in 2021

If you’re diagnosed with an HGH deficiency, understand that there are a range of therapeutic options available that you can use to restore a higher quality of life while correcting your hormonal profile.

However, not every HGH medication is created equal. If there’s one HGH formulation that has been demonstrated through clinical research to safely accomplish sustainable, superior improvements in circulating levels of HGH over a standard therapeutic course, it’s injectable HGH.

But others aren’t as effective, threatening the health of people who consume them.

Here’s our guide highlighting the top 5 injectable HGH brands in 2021.

1. Novo Nordisk Norditropin

This type of somatropin improves the body shape by replacing endogenous growth hormones. Thus, it reduces the amount of basting fat and increases muscle mass. You can buy it from Buy Injectable HGH in the form of injectable pens.

2. Eli Lilly Humatrope

Similar to the balance of proteins present within the natural HGH, this comprises a chain of amino acids.

This injectable HGH stimulates the growth of bones, which causes the synthesis of proteins and increases the size of muscle tissue. It’s sold with lyophilized powder in the form of ampoules.

3. Pfizer Genotropin

It consists of somatropin as an active agent. It’s usually administered to adults with pituitary hormone deficiency and prescribed to children suffering from growth disorders due to growth hormone hunger. For injectable solutions, Genotropin is released as lyophilizate.

4. EMD Serono Saizen

It’s acquired by genetic engineering that uses a mammalian cell line. It has anti-catabolic and anabolic effects, both of which trigger the metabolism and growth process.

By improving the epiphysis of tabular bones, Saizen stimulates the skeletal system’s growth. Usually, it comes in a dosage from 8mg-20mg as a lyophilized powder.

5. Sandoz Omnitrope

It’s a type of somatropin that enhances the production of healthy proteins and carbohydrates in the human body, helps accelerate the fat burning process, reduces excess fat, and allows the growth of muscle tissue and bones. This HGH injection is available in the form of an injectable pen, a syringe set, and ampoules.

6. Genentech Nutropin

Recombinant DNA technology is used to produce this HGH. It’s used for treating Turner syndrome while curing other types of growth hormone hunger.

Normally, Nutropin is manufactured in the form of injectable pen cartridges or an injectable solution.

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