The Story Behind Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Scientists have known about human growth hormones, or Injectable HGH as it’s called since the early 19th century. They only began using injectable HGH to treat young kids who were very short in height for their age, who had a growth deficiency which was a pituitary gland disorder.

Back then it was in short supply because they had to get the Injectable HGH injections by isolating it from the pituitary gland of cadavers, which are dead humans. This was a rather grizzly process to say the least, and there was a very limited supply of this injectable HGH available to these doctors. The supply of injectable HGH injections continued in this way for more than 30 years, but then came to a screeching halt, when doctors discovered that some of the injectable HGH was contaminated with Creutzfeldt- Jakob disease or commonly known as CJD.

CJD is very similar to mad cow disease or an acceleration of Alzheimer, which causes a rapid brain degeneration leading to death in most cases within one year of the first symptoms. Since there was no treatment or even some sort of test to confirm that this disease was present in the human body, they completely stopped using this injectable HGH from the cadavers, and started looking for alternate ways to get this very vital hormone.

Following this discovery the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), halted all distribution of injectable HGH from cadavers. As luck would have it a company called Genentech Pharmaceuticals & Eli Lilly both had been working on a new way to manufacture injectable HGH in a laboratory from using recombinant bacteria.

These two companies genetically modified the bacteria, by inserting a gene coding so they could produce this injectable HGH injections. This genetic transformation turned the bacteria into injectable HGH which is exactly what’s sold today online, which led to a limitless source of pure injectable HGH with no risk of any contamination.

Within a few months the FDA approved Genentech’s injectable HGH called Protopin, and also approved Eli Lilly’s Humatrope recombinant injectable HGH for sale on the markets. Protropin & Humatrope not only provided a safe source of injectable HGH for kids that had growth deficiencies, but the increase in the supply of injectable HGH meant that experimentation with many other applications of this injectable HGH.

This led to the explosion of the black market injectable HGH used by athletes to improve their performance and build more muscle. After that happened Injectable HGH continues to be the favourite drug for doping, mostly because it was the hardest to detect in any of the tests they performed. If you buy injectable HGH injections online, you can do so on my website which is buyinjectablehgh.com.

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