Injectable HGH: Does It Really Build Muscles And Slows Down The Aging Process?

According to some beliefs, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) slows the ageing process. However, such claims entail rich facts. The growth hormone maintains organs and tissues, speeding up the growth of a child. The pituitary gland generates this hormone.

As the age advances, the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland reduces gradually. This subtle fall of this hormone is why people often opt for synthetic HGH – to slow down the loss of bone mass or muscle mass and the effects of ageing. However, HGH isn’t recommended to slow down not just ageing, but other conditions linked to age as well. To find out more about HGH, keep reading this blog.

Is HGH Treatment Suitable for Adults?

If you’re an adult with growth hormone deficiencies, injectable HGH is definitely recommended. But for aging, the low production of the hormone is normal, and doesn’t necessarily require a boost. The doctors must administer HGH productions. The majority of the causes of growth hormone deficiency come as a result of operations, tumours, or radiotherapy.

Adults not being able to generate sufficient growth hormone can purchase injectable HGH or get the injection from a doctor to minimise their body fat, boost their bone mass, and increase their exercise capacity. Also, adults with HIV or AIDS can benefit from HGH due to issues related to growth, which may interfere with a regular distribution of their body fats.

How Healthy, Older Adults are Affected by Injectable HGH Treatment?

There isn’t appropriate research suggesting the use of injectable HGH to otherwise healthy adults. Injectable HGH is known to reduce body fat and amplify muscle density in older, fit adults. However, remember that your strength won’t increase with the increase in muscle mass.

Is Injectable HGH Treatment Dangerous?

Some of the negative side effects related to taking injectable HGH to healthy adults comprise cancer risks, muscle or joint pain, type 2 diabetes, among other conditions. Treatment of older, healthy adults with injectable HGH isn’t common and takes a shorter duration for those utilising it.

What are Some of the Forms of HGH?

Some countries like the US have allowed the use of injectable HGH, but only in cases where the shortage of hormone is to be managed. Additionally, they have permitted it in the treatment of issues related to HIV. An injection is advisable for maximum effectiveness. HGH isn’t available in the form of a pill. 

However, many dietary supplements claim to increase the level of HGH in the form of pills – there isn’t any research to prove this claim. Don’t misuse any drug, especially those that aren’t approved by the FDA (or Food and Drug Administration). Before using HGH as an anti-aging boost or for muscle growth, it’s recommended to seek advice from a certified doctor.


If you feel like increasing your muscle mass or reducing ageing effects, contact your doctor immediately to advise you on the best method to use. Before purchasing injectable HGH, understand not just its benefits but risks as well. Your healthcare provider will suggest the best way to go. All in all, making healthy lifestyle choices like eating well to keep you fit and engaging in physical activities will allow you to feel better as you age.

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