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The Injectable HGH or human growth hormone injections is likened to the fountain of youth, and it works wonders in the human body that reverse the ageing process, ensuring you are youthful and giving you an energetic body at the same time.

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When you do buy HGH on my site, the expiration dates which are stamped on each box are usually 12-18 months ahead in time, which gives you more than ample time to use the Injectable HGH injections as per your dosage. The 2 main manufacturers of injectable HGH that I carry are the Novo Nordisk Norditropin pens, and the 10 mg/30 IU size is the main one that we stock. Then we also carry the Eli Lilly Humatrope, which is an excellent product but does have a drawback because it’s more expensive than the Norditropin pens.

After we grow older, especially after we reach our forties, our natural injectable HGH levels that’s produced by the pituitary gland, diminishes and starts the ageing process. One of the main functions of injectable HGH is regenerating new cells which will also help to create new muscle cells and tissues. 

When you buy injectable HGH today, you know that you will be reversing the ageing process to a huge extent. This does not mean that all of your wrinkles will disappear in 6 months, but your skin will improve dramatically. When you start the injectable HGH injections, you want to increase your IGF-1 levels up to where they were when you were in your twenties. This will allow you to achieve ideal muscle density and mass, give you more energy and burn more fat which will help in your fat loss journey.