HGH Therapy: Signs of Deficiency And How You Can Fix It

Ever heard of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) deficiency? Probably not. It is a rare disease that occurs in 1 in every 7000 people. People are not aware of this disease because of how rare it is.

However, HGH deficiency can even exist in children from birth from lack of brain growth. Furthermore, adults can also experience low HGH levels due to trauma or a brain tumour.

People experiencing GHD are often prescribed injectable HGH to boost their hormone levels. However, physicians always recommend using FDA-approved HGH products.

What is GHD?

In simple terms, growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a disorder caused by inadequate supply of the growth hormone from the pituitary gland, which is located in the lower part of the brain. GHD in children and adults can be idiopathic. In a non-medical terminology, it means that the causes of GHD are unknown.

A lack of HGH may not affect a person’s cognitive ability, however as HGH is crucial for bone growth and tissue repair, it can cause physical disabilities. Inadequate HGH levels can cause diseases such as acromegaly.

As GHD can be idiopathic, it is vital to detect lack of HGH levels so that appropriate treatment can be done. We will discuss the signs of GHD in children and adults and explain how to fix it.

Signs In Children

The most evident sign of GHD in children is their slow growth rate. If a child is growing at snail’s pace from 6-12 months, it is likely that they have GHD. Other signs may include fine hair, slow development of bones and teeth and low blood sugar in newborns.

Signs In Adults

If you experience a gradual decrease in muscle mass and energy levels, it might be wise to go for a doctor’s checkup.
Getting fat for no reason, and problems with focus and memory is also an indicator that you might be experiencing GHD.

Testing For GHD

Doctors will ask questions about your medical history and conduct tests to determine if you have GHD. A growth hormone stimulation test is usually conducted to confirm the presence of GHD. This is basically a blood test, used to analyse hormone levels.

How To Fix GHD

Injectable HGH can be used to support natural HGH levels in your body. Don’t worry if your physician has recommended you take artificial HGH injections.

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