HGH: Myths and Facts

Our body naturally produces HGH (Human Growth Hormone). It increases bone density and muscle mass, is necessary for regeneration and growth, and keeps the body in good working condition.

Sadly, our levels of HGH peak when we’re in our 20s and go downhill from there. Hollywood praises the anti-aging effects of injectable HGH, while professional athletes and bodybuilders use HGH to gain some competitive edge.

Let’s look at some myths and facts about HGH.

Myth: HGH alone can significantly extend your lifespan

Fact: If someone takes HGH, but their lifestyle habits aren’t great, for example, the person doesn’t exercise, doesn’t take a proper diet, and is into smoking, then the impact of HGH will reduce dramatically.

However, if one leads a healthy lifestyle and takes HGH to optimise their growth hormone levels, HGH won’t just increase their lifespan but improve their quality of life. Simply put, HGH can’t replace a healthy lifestyle. If you’re not living a healthy life, no amount of HGH can benefit you.

Myth: Taking HGH alone will make you look like a professional bodybuilder, growing your muscles massively

Fact: While GH is naturally anabolic, it helps grow new muscles. Remember, it’s not a magical elixir that’ll make you look like a Greek god right from the get-go. If your weight training workout program and diet plan don’t supplement HGH, you won’t progress much.

Myth: By enlarging your heart, HGH can cause a heart attack

Fact: This isn’t true at all—it’s actually the opposite. In fact, people with growth hormone deficiency begin to administer HGH to optimise themselves to a healthier level, seeing improvements in their cardiovascular function and heart health.

Myth: Similar to injectable HGH, one can buy OTC oral products that boost growth hormone

Fact: In a bid to hold onto their youth, countless people end up wasting their money on inexpensive products that claim to increase the HGH that your body produces in the form of sprays and pills.

Companies marketing these products online or through TV infomercials claim that they can improve your sex life, increase energy, improve blood sugar levels, strengthen your immune system, restore hair colour and growth, build muscle, reduce fat, turn back the biological clock of your body, and whatnot.

However, these claims aren’t supported by any research. Why? Because sprays and pills don’t offer any such benefit. If you choose to take HGH orally, your stomach will digest and destroy the HGH long before its active ingredient gets absorbed.

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