HGH in Weight Training

Referred to as the ‘fountain of youth’ or a ‘miracle drug’—injectable HGH (Human Growth Hormone) can solve almost every health concern a middle-aged man has.

According to rumours, HGH can help boost your libido, burn fat, build more muscle, and help you look younger – and according to science, the majority of these things are true.

Let’s look at how HGH and weight training are connected.

Does exercise release HGH?

Yes, exercise can boost HGH, but is it scientifically proven?

In a study, researchers divided women into groups: one group did a full-body strength-training workout, and the other did upper body training.

Some of the participants used heavyweights (up to 8 reps before failure), others combined higher reps (up to 12 reps before failure) with lighter weights.

The researchers measured HGH levels before and after this activity. The findings suggested that women had more HGH in their bloodstream after the workouts, with heavy-lifters having higher HGH.

In another study, Japanese researchers hinted at a transient increase in HGH within 16 participants after they performed a high-intensity interval training session.

During this session, the participants used 85% of their VO2 max to pedal an exercise bike, resting for half a minute after every set. In total, 10 sets were completed.

In conclusion, high-intensity exercise, using heavyweights, and strength training can boost HGH, albeit in the short term.

More than lactate threshold

If you want to really ramp up HGH release during a training session, go above the lactate threshold. This means pushing yourself to the max during HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

There’s also a time threshold. In a study, it was shown that an HGH response could be elicited from as little as 10 minutes of high intensity.

However, don’t expect steady-state, moderate-intensity exercise to offer as much HGH boost as HIIT or heavy strength training can offer.

In fact, steady-state exercise, if done for longer periods, can boost cortisol – the stress hormone that’s responsible for breaking down muscle tissue.

This means HIIT and strength training can cause a significant increase in HGH. However, are these increases enough to help with fat loss or increase muscle mass?

Well, yes. If a high-intensity exercise is performed above the lactate threshold, HGH may release in sufficient amounts, giving you more sustained releases.

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