HGH: How Does it Improve Strength in Athletes?

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) occurs naturally and is important for the development of bodily structures as well as human growth.

Some individuals produce far more HGH than needed, causing certain tissues to grow abnormally, leading to conditions like acromegaly and gigantism.

In fact, children suffering from gigantism may grow as much as 7-8 feet tall. However, a plethora of medical and musculoskeletal problems plague them.

Let’s look at how HGH improves strength in athletes.

HGH and Athletes

Due to perceived advantages to strength and muscle growth, athletes and bodybuilders like the idea of performance-enhancing supplements and drugs, for example, steroids. These individuals have consumed HGH for cosmetic, rapid muscle growth, or to gain an athletic edge.

Since taking HGH orally isn’t effective as the digestion breaks it down, injectable HGH is used as a supplement drug. For older people who want to look and feel younger, HGH is marketed as an agent of rejuvenation.

Injectable HGH is used globally by athletes to improve their performance. In a study, the effect of a 2mg dose of HGH on a human’s sprint capacity, power, strength, endurance, and body composition was identified.

The participants of this study were recreationally active men/women. The findings demonstrated a reduction in fat mass and an increase in muscle mass. While the sprint capacity of the participants also increased, it was difficult to find out whether HGH contributed to it.

In conclusion, the authors stated that injectable HGH, when given with testosterone or without, enhanced the exercise performance of athletes.

Another study performed a systematic review to find out how growth hormone affects athletic performance. The findings suggested that the HGH supplementation helped increase the basal metabolic rate and lean body mass.

The study further suggested that athletes use HGH to improve their body composition. Because lean mass increases the need of the body to develop and repair lean tissue, it often ends up increasing a person’s metabolism.

Both male and female athletes use HGH supplementation to improve their body consumption.

Yes, it’s scientifically proven that HGH decreases fat mass and increases lean body mass, but whether it contributes to increases in endurance, power, and strength is questionable.


HGH speeds up fat loss and increases lean body mass. This works primarily because HGH promotes lipases, which are enzymes that offer preferential fat burning and break fat down.

Plus, HGH promotes the growth of collagen tissues such as bone, ligament, and tendon, helping those athletes or bodybuilders that are looking to increase their strength by a notch.

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