Does HGH Work? All the Misconceptions about using Injectable

Unless you are living under a rock, most people who buy injectable HGH are fully aware that our natural human growth hormone levels decline every year that we get older, and that fact alone causes 100% of the ageing process.

When I talk about levels I am specifically talking about the IGF-1 levels, which is what the blood test is referred to by any Doctor who is discussing Injectable HGH injections and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with Injectable HGH. In his book “Grow Young with HGH” by Dr Ronald Klatz, he talks about taking injectable HGH injections to get the IGF-1 levels up to between 300-400, where you would get your optimal health benefits.

What most people do not realise is that when you buy injectable HGH injections, that the Injectable HGH that’s made by all the pharmaceutical companies, like Eli Lilly, Merck Serono, Pfizer, and Nova Nordisk. Is bio-identical to what the human body produces in the pituitary gland that sits inside of the brain. So when you buy injectable HGH online like on my website, you are only getting the purest form of injectable HGH available to anyone. 

What this means is that it’s not some sort of synthetic compound similar to what a steroid is, injectable HGH is made from 191 amino acids, and is 100% the exact same molecular composition that the human body produces.  So yes it’s made in a laboratory under very strict conditions, in the same way that any other pharmaceutical product is made.

All the cells in the human body which includes bone, muscle, skin, tendons, and hair cells die off after a certain period of time. The natural injectable HGH that the human body produces, declines each year as we get older, so the regeneration of new cells to replace the ones that died off slows down and causes us to age much faster. 

When you buy injectable HGH injections online, and start your bio-identical hormone replacement journey, you are trying to bring your Injectable HGH levels (IGF-1) up to where they were when you were in your twenties, and reverse the ageing process. These injectable HGH injections also means that you will lose some of your body fat which will result in a slimmer waistline and replace it with lean muscle.

For athletes taking injectable HGH it will mean improved strength, speed and endurance and glowing skin which presents a better version of themselves when they look in the mirror. So most people who buy injectable HGH injections are looking to not only reverse the ageing process, but to also look and feel better by having more energy, recuperating much quicker from gym workouts or cardio sessions. 

Let’s face it most people when they reach their fifties, cannot even remember what it was like to be in their twenties again. After a few months on injectable HGH injections, they begin to see the transformations that happen to their bodies and to their minds as well.